We Create Exceptional Real Estate

Cielo Property Group is a real estate development and investment company with the strategic perspective to create exceptional real estate projects by delivering unique space to tenants in markets of high demand.

Connecting the dots by bringing together the right stakeholders to frame each project for success.


Austin-based Cielo Property Group is a privately-owned commercial real estate investment and development company that specializes in redeveloping and repositioning underutilized properties with strong potential for value enhancement.

Founded in 2010, Cielo has acquired or developed more than 1.3 million square feet of commercial real estate assets in Texas. The firm’s assets under ownership and development have a combined value of approximately $600 million today.

Cielo’s principals have a diverse background in the development, capitalization, leasing and management of multiple asset classes ranging from large-scale Class A retail and office projects to historic renovations and asset repositioning. Collectively, the Cielo leadership team has acquired and operated over 10.7 million square feet of commercial real estate, with a total project value of over $1.5 billion.

The Founders

Bobby Dillard

What drives you?
I’m a creative thinker who thrives on problem solving and making deals that benefit everyone involved. I’m also passionate about my hometown of Austin and excited to have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on its future.

We’re building a company that makes people’s lives better, both the people who work for us and the people who live and work in and around our projects. That gets me out of bed each morning and makes me happy to go to work.

How do you envision Austin in the next 25 years?
I see Austin growing more dense, urban and dynamic. I believe the unprecedented downtown revitalization of the last 15 years will continue making Austin one of the best places in the nation to enjoy an urban live-work-play lifestyle. I also think we’ll see more close in mixed-use, mid-rise development to meet the needs of people seeking that urban lifestyle, for whom downtown is not convenient. I see more and more people in Austin moving close to the centers of activity, creating a very urban culture and opportunity for community.

How did you start the company?
I’m a born entrepreneur and have always wanted to own my own company. I knew from the first time that I met Rob that we shared a similar entrepreneurial drive and that he offered a valuable complementary skill set with his back ground in finance. I knew almost immediately that we could go places. It was kind of like when I met my wife, I could tell that we had great potential together.

Why Austin?
I was raised in Austin, and I’m now raising my own children here. I care deeply about this city and its future.

I may be biased, but I really believe that Austin is one of the best places on the planet to live and to do business. It combines the rugged individualism of the Texas spirit with an open minded and entrepreneurial culture.

It’s not the easiest place to develop, but our Texas roots and deep knowledge of the market give us a valuable competitive advantage.

Rob Gandy

What drives you?
I strive to be the best, and I want the same for the company we’re building.

I want Cielo to deliver the highest level of customer service, the most well planned spaces a tenant could imagine, and the highest risk adjusted returns to our investors. If we do that — and I can also be the best husband and dad I can possibly be — then I can go to sleep at night knowing I didn’t leave anything on the table.

How do you envision Austin in the next 25 years?
I expect that Austin will continue to be one of the most sought after places in the country for people to live and work 25 year from now. This means our population could triple in that time, creating many challenges and opportunities. I believe that our urban core must continue to increase in density with more high-rise and mid-rise developments, just as we’ve seen over the last five years. The alternative is much more traffic and sprawl to the detriment of our environment and quality of life.

How did you start the company?
Bobby and I share Texas roots and were introduced by a mutual friend. I liked his vision and creative energy immediately. Two months later, we formed our company and bootstrapped it from there.

Why Austin?
Austin is one of the best cities in the world without a doubt. It appeals to people of all ages and just has so much going for it. We are the Capital of Texas, home of the University of Texas, soon to be home to a new medical school, the tech capital of the south, and the Live Music Capital of the World. Austin offers a beautiful natural environment and countless ways to enjoy it. It’s a business friendly city with a thriving restaurant scene. If you’ve spent a few days here eating barbecue, listening to live music, or water skiing on Lake Travis, you know why so many people want to be — and are becoming — Austinites.